Conference Programme

Plenary Lectures 

  1. Alexander Dockhorn (United Kingdom) and Rudolf Kruze (Germany)
    Forward Model Learning for Motion Control Tasks
  2. Nikola Kasabov (New Zealand)
    “Brain-Inspired Spiking Neural Network Architectures for Deep, Incremental Learning and Knowledge Evolution”
  3. Arthur Kordon (USA)
    “Applied Artificial Intelligence-Based Systems as Competitive Advantage”
  4. Tariq Samad (USA)
    Intelligent Control Systems — Concepts and Insights for Managerial Decision Making.
  5. Krassimir Atanassov (Bulgaria)
    “Intuitionistic Fuzzinsess and Modality”
  6. Janusz Kacprzyk (Poland)
    “Coping with hard decisions via decision aid, decision advice and decision support“
  7. Boris Stilman (USA)
    Discoveries – on Demand
  8. Angel P. del Pobil (Spain)
    Manual Robotic Intelligence -and the Success of Assistant Robots

General Sessions

Invited Sessions


Tutorial (from USA, 2 hours) “Implementing Intelligent Strategies in Real World Systems”

  • Part 1: “ From Ancient Warfare to Modern Adversarial Reasoning ”
  • Part 2: “ Turning University Research into the Real World Systems ”

Tutorial (from UK, 1 hour) “Foundations of Fuzzy Networks”

Tutorial (from USA, 2 Parts, 3 hours total): “Automating Discovery of Intelligent Strategies”

  • Part 1: “ Rediscovering Grammar of Shortest Trajectories ”
  • Part 2: “ Rediscovering No-Search Approach ”

Poster Sessions

Poster papers by the registered authors from IEEE IS’20 will be published in full volume in IEEE Xplore.

The difference from GENERAL SESSION papers is in the form of presentation: please prepare a 10-max. 15-minute presentation video record uploadable to YouTube stream. The presentations will be available before the poster session. The presenters will prepare to answer the questions at the session

The full conference program to be published by August 2020

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