ITHEA® International Scientific Society (ITHEA® ISS)

The ITHEA® International Scientific Society (ITHEA® ISS) is a global platform dedicated to fostering collaboration among scientists from around the world. As of March 2019, the ITHEA® ISS has proudly welcomed more than 3500 colleagues from 53 countries, all of whom have become part of this vibrant community at absolutely no cost.

At the heart of ITHEA® ISS are its four esteemed International Journals, each specializing in critical domains of research:

  1. “Information Theories and Applications” (since 1993)
  2. “Information Technologies and Knowledge” (since 2007)
  3. “Information Models and Analyses” (since 2012)
  4. “Information Content and Processing” (since 2014)

Over the years, ITHEA® ISS has successfully organized more than 130 International Conferences and workshops, facilitating in-depth discussions and the exchange of cutting-edge ideas. In addition to these events, the society has also published over 50 scientific books, encompassing a wide range of subjects including monographs, thematic collections, and proceedings.

All of ITHEA® ISS’s valuable publications are easily accessible on the ITHEA® website ( and can also be conveniently explored through the ITHEA® Index (, ensuring that knowledge dissemination remains unrestricted and widespread.

The ITHEA® International Scientific Society remains committed to nurturing a thriving environment for researchers worldwide, promoting the advancement of scientific knowledge, and fostering meaningful connections among scientists to drive innovation and progress.

For more information about ITHEA® ISS and its remarkable contributions to the scientific community, visit our website: Join us on this exciting journey of discovery and collaboration. Together, we can shape a brighter future for scientific exploration.