12th IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Systems

IEEE Conference Number 61756

Uniting experts in the world of Intelligent Systems

Continuing the legacy of successful conferences such as IS’02, IS’04, IS’08, IS‘12, IS’16, IS’20 (held in Sofia and Varna, Bulgaria), IS’06, IS’10 (held in London, UK), IS’14, IS’22 (held in Warsaw, Poland), IS’18 (held in Funchal, Madeira Island, Portugal), the 12th IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Systems, IS’24, aims to bring together leading specialists in the expansive field of intelligent systems. This forum presents a unique opportunity for scientists from around the globe to share their ideas and achievements in the theory and practice of intelligent control, artificial intelligence, decision support systems, neural networks, soft computing, data mining and knowledge discovery, ontologies, machine learning, intelligent measurement, and other related topics. The conference aims to highlight contemporary intelligent systems as a concept that unifies theoretical research and applications in automation, information technologies, and measurement. All aspects of intelligent systems are of interest, including theory, algorithms, tools, applications, and more.

In addition to the main sessions, the conference timetable will include several other symposiums, workshops, poster sessions, tutorial courses, and a student session, all covering similar scopes. These events will take place before, during, and after the conclusion of the IEEE IS’24.

The IS’02 up to IS’22 conferences have established themselves as scientific forums known for gathering only high-quality papers and presentations that meet rigorous scientific standards. Following this tradition, all submitted original papers for IS’24 will undergo careful review for possible inclusion in the Conference Proceedings. Additionally, after the Conference, a selected number of the best papers will be further expanded and revised for potential inclusion in the Journal of Intelligent Systems and other reputable journals or Springer books.