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Memories from IEEE IS’16

The memories from IEEE IS’16 have been added here

Trip to the National History Museum and visit of the park “Vitosha”

On 09/06/2016 at 14:00 p.m. for participants in the conference is organized a trip to the National History Museum ( and visit of the park “Vitosha” ( Those who wish to join the tour should notify the organizers at registration … Continue reading

Conference Programme is ready

Please visit ‘Conference Programme‘ page for more information.

The content of the Proceedings

The content of the Proceedings is added to the Programme. Please visit Conference Programme page: for more information.


We are glad to inform the authors who made a reservation requirement at hotel Hemus-Sofia, the conference venue, or prepare to execute this step: it is possible to make the booking with a smaller or larger discount depending on the … Continue reading

Electronic copyright form and PDF eXpress

Important for your publication in IEEE source. Every author should execute two important steps: fill in his electronic copyright form and create his IEEE PDF eXpress file. Please click here: Author’s guidelines.

IEEE Summer School

The registration for the IEEE Summer School on SMC is now OPEN. To register click here.

IEEE SMC Summer School: July 2016

The registration for IEEE SMC Summer School is set to July 2016.

Deadlines have been changed

Because of too many inquiries, the deadlines have been changed for the last time. Prospective authors have about 1 month to prepare their full draft papers. Now the deadlines for all events are the final ones.

Special PDF requirements

IEEE conferences must use PDF version 1.4 or higher. The best practice is to use in both LaTex and DOC files TimesNewRoman fonts.