Building upon the success of IS’02, IS’04, IS’08, IS‘12 (held in Sofia and Varna, Bulgaria), IS’06, IS’10 (held in London, UK), and IS’14 (held in Warsaw, Poland) the 8th IEEE International Conference on Intelli­gent Systems IS’16 shall continue the tradition of bringing to­gether top specialists in the broad area of intelligent systems. This forum is an opportunity for scientists from all over the world to share ideas and achieve­ments in the theory and practice of intel­ligent control, artificial intelligence, decision sup­port systems, neu­ral networks, soft computing, data mining and knowledge discovery, ontologies, machine learning, intelligent measurement, etc. Presentations should highlight con­temporary intelli­gent systems as a concept that com­bines theo­retical research and applications in auto­ma­tion, information technologies and measure­ment. All aspects of intelligent systems are of interest: theory, algorithms, tools, applications, etc.

In addition to the main sessions, the conference timetable shall be concerted with several other symposi­ums, workshops, poster ses­sions, tutorial courses, student session, etc., in similar scopes, which will take place before, during and after the end of the IEEE IS’16.

IS’02 up to IS’14 established as scien­tific fo­rums that gather only quality papers and pres­enta­tions that meet high scientific standards. Following the tradition, all submitted original papers to IS’16 shall be care­fully reviewed for possible inclu­sion in the Confer­ence Proceedings. After the Conference, a se­lected number of best papers shall be expanded and revised for possible inclu­sion in the Journal of Intelli­gent Systems and in other well-known Journals or Springer books.

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