Paper Submission

Brought to you by IEEE eXpress Conference Publishing, these MS Word and LaTeX templates incorporate the specifications for a conference proceedings article on A4 page size.

Paper Submission Guidelines

Prospective participants are invited to contribute to the conference with original and full draft papers in IEEE (conference) 2-column journal format in PDF files to IEEE IS 2016 using the following link:

Both or systems may be used for topics Intelligent Measurement, Computational Creativity, Inference/Reasoning by Analogy, and Intelligent Control.

For other topics, please use only submission system.

The good practice for the length of the camera-ready papers is 5 up to 15 pages. On the other hand, the authors may waive the quoted limit through direct communication with the conference chair via

Please note that one conference fee includes a 6-page camera-ready paper. Extra page fees of 20 euros per additional page will apply to longer camera-ready papers.

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