ITHEA® International Scientific Society (ITHEA® ISS)

ITHEA® ISS is aimed to support growing collaboration between scientists from all over the world. Till March, 2019, the ITHEA® ISS has been joined by more than 3500 colleagues from 53 countries. Membership in ITHEA® ISS is for free.

ITHEA® ISS has four International Journals: “Information Theories and Applications” (since 1993); “Information Technologies and Knowledge” (since 2007);

“Information Models and Analyses” (since 2012); “Information Content and Processing” (since 2014). ITHEA® ISS has organized more than 130 International Conferences and workshops and has published more than 50 scientific books: monographs, thematic collections and proceedings. All publications of ITHEA® ISS are accessible freely at the ITHEA® web site ( as well as via ITHEA® Index (

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