Prioritized Aggregation Operators and their Application

Ronald R, Yager
Machine Intelligence Institute, Iona College
New Rochelle, NY


In this talk we focus on a class of aggregation operators that we refer to as prioritized aggregation operators. These operators are generally non–commutative and can be non-monotonic. We shall look at a number of prioritized aggregation operators and investigate some of the applications in which they can be used.

One application we discuss is there role in non-monotonic or default logic. A second type of application is information fusion. We also discuss their application in in multi-criteria decision making here we see that they can provide a generalization of lexicographic type aggregations.

Ronald R. Yager – Curriculum Vitae

Ronald R. Yager has worked in the area of machine intelligence for over twenty-five years. He has published over 500 papers and fifteen books in areas related to fuzzy sets, decision making under uncertainty and the fusion of information. He is among the world’s top 1% most highly cited researchers with over 7000 citations. He was the recipient of the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society Pioneer award in Fuzzy Systems. Dr. Yager is a fellow of the IEEE, the New York Academy of Sciences and the Fuzzy Systems Association. He was given a lifetime achievement award by the Polish Academy of Sciences for his contributions. He served at the National Science Foundation as program director in the Information Sciences program. He was a NASA/Stanford visiting fellow and a research associate at the University of California, Berkeley. He has been a lecturer at NATO Advanced Study Institutes. He is a visiting distinguished scientist at King Saud University, Riyadh Saudi Arabia. He is a distinguished honorary professor at the Aalborg University Denmark. He is an affiliated distinguished researcher at the European Centre for Soft Computing. He received his undergraduate degree from the City College of New York and his Ph. D. from the Polytechnic University of New York. Currently, he is Director of the Machine Intelligence Institute and Professor of Information Systems at Iona College. He is editor and chief of the International Journal of Intelligent Systems. He serves on the editorial board of numerous technology journals.

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